Mini Tire Plug Kit 10 Plugs Power Tank


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Mini Tire Plug Kit 10 Plugs from Power Tank, Have you ever picked up a nail in your tire and sat on the side of the road for an hour waiting for a tow truck? I once paid a punk at a gas station 20 bucks to plug a nail hole in my car which took him all of 10 minutes and that's because he was going slow.

After I witnessed this I've plugged at least a dozen tires for myself and others. Half of these were along the roadside. Now I have a plug kit in every car I own. The process is very simple, pull the nail, ream the hole, insert plug with tool, cut off any excess plug sticking out, air tire back up, done.

  • 10 Plugs
  • Tools
  • Lube Ziploc Bag
  • Instructions